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How to increase the microphone volume on the SmartPlay?

In order to improve the microphone levels and improve the volume of your calls please follow the steps below:Go to 'Setup'Go to Factory SetInput password: 113266Configure SettingsScroll down to mic gain, change to 70Scroll down and select 'save touch

SmartPlay General Query

Having trouble with your SmartPlay? Click this link to view all help videos on how to connect your smart phone to your SmartPlay, how to connect your SmartPlay to your car speakers, along with

SmartPlay: How to connect to car speakers

In order to connect the SmartPlay to your car speakers, please follow the below steps:1. Set your car radio to a free station with good signal (to avoid interference/static)2. Open the FM Transmitter app on the SmartPlay (on main home page)3. Set the